Simple GitLab CE Hosting

We handle installing, updating, hosting, and backing up your own private and secure GitLab instance, starting at $7/month.

GitHost CE Features

Cloud Driven. Grows with you.

Your GitLab instances are hosted in the cloud which brings with it guaranteed uptime and ease of scaling. Best of all we've abstracted all of this away from you, enabling you to worry about pushing code, not scaling your git repos.

Secure + Private. Peace of mind.

All instances have SSL enabled by default and have the underlying host operating system hardened and locked down from unauthorized access. Each instance is also contained within it's own private cloud node. No shared environments here.

Automated Updates. Let us handle the upgrades.

When new GitLab versions are released or critical security fixes are announced we automatically update your instances to ensure they are always secure and have the latest features and enchancements.

All GitHost instances also include:

Uptime Monitoring

We are constantly monitoring your instances and have automated services in place to ensure the maximum amount of uptime.

Automatic Backups

Add your Amazon s3 credentials to your account and we'll automatically backup your git repos, databases, and metadata to a private bucket that you own and control.

Instance Metrics

View the load, memory usage, and cpu of your instances at a glance, giving you the ability to scale up as your needs grow.

What People Are Saying

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We recommend GitHost for people that want a dedicated managed GitLab instance in the cloud.

Sytse Sijbrandij
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GitHost offers an extraordinary service with a range of great features, all at a competitive cost. It is the ideal choice for people that need a dedicated GitLab instance.

Valerio Mazzeo

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