Simple GitLab
Hosting is Here

We handle installing, updating, hosting, and backing up your own private and secure GitLab instance.



GitLab EE or CI Runner

You must purchase a GitLab Enterprise Edition subscription to enable your GitLab Enterprise Edition instance.

Security & Privacy

HTTPS is enabled by default when using a subdomain, and each instance is a dedicated, private node. No shared environments here.

Automatic Updates

When new GitLab versions are released or critical security fixes are announced we automatically update your instances.

Uptime Monitoring

We are constantly monitoring your instances and have automated services in place to ensure maximum availability.

Configurable storage *

Easily configure up to 16TB of external and expandable block storage.

* Not available in all regions

Automatic Backups

Git repos, databases and uploads are backed up off-site. Your data will always be safe.

Easy Configuration

Configure Omniauth or an LDAP Server through your GitHost account, and never worry about GitLab configuration files.

GitLab Instance Pricing

To help you choose what instance size is right for you, visit the GitLab EE installation requirements.

Need hosted GitLab CE for your open-source team? Contact support


  • 4GB Memory
  • 2 Core Processor
  • 60GB SSD Disk
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  • 8GB Memory
  • 4 Core Processor
  • 80GB SSD Disk
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Business Pro

  • 16GB Memory
  • 8 Core Processor
  • 160GB SSD Disk
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  • 32GB Memory
  • 12 Core Processor
  • 320GB SSD Disk
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Block Storage

  • 100GB minimum
  • Up to 16TB
  • Easily expandable
  • Not available on all regions, yet
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GitLab CI Runners

Runners for your GitLab CI

Easily spin up runners and register them with any GitLab installation.

Docker based executor

Our Runners are based on the Docker executor so that each of your builds will run in a separate and isolated container using a predefined image.

Private & Secure

Private Runners for your private repositories. All tests are isolated on their own machine and their own container.

CI Runner Pricing


  • 1GB Memory
  • 1 Core Processor
  • 30GB SSD Disk
  • for 2 concurrent jobs
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  • 2GB Memory
  • 2 Core Processor
  • 40GB SSD Disk
  • for 4 concurrent jobs
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  • 8GB Memory
  • 4 Core Processor
  • 80GB SSD Disk
  • for 8 concurrent jobs
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